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What is needed to be a Legal Secretary?

Legal secretary is a lucrative position. One of the top positions on the administrative office ladder, legal secretary careers allow you to have an impact in the world without the need of a prior law experience. Of course, while an extreme addition to your resume, to become a professional you don’t necessarily need to have a law degree. In fact, the common qualifications for a legal secretary include nothing more than secondary education. Yet, to make your resume stand out, you must be able to prove your worth to a legal company or partnership via proper certification.

What are the Minimal requirements for a Legal Secretary?

The minimal requirements for a legal secretary are a secondary education degree and understanding of the administrative process. Paralegal studies are a huge marketability plus and to further increase your chances of being picked, you should have the ability to prove your secretarial credentials. Whether or not you have prior experience working as an administrative assistant, it would be best to take a certification course that both better prepares you for real life situations and proves to your potential employees that you are a force to be reckoned with.

What does a legal secretary usually do?

A legal secretary usually serves the purpose of an administrative assistant for an office or a legal individual. They have the primary task to prepare documentation and arrange timetables and schedules to help the legal process within a company move forward. They are often required to arrange calls and meetings with clients and on rare occasions, a legal secretary might have the task to do research for a related trial. Writing official legal documentation, including motions, subpoenas and summonses is also not out of the question. Filing and collaborating on reports, managing databases and prioritising workloads are also a duty of a legal secretary.

What classes are perfect for Legal Secretary Careers?

Legal secretary careers can offer a step forward compared to personal assistants or other secretarial positions. Even if you have prior experience in a certain industry, transferring to a legal firm, you would be expected to have some knowledge of the current law. Thus, there are multiple courses and classes you can take to help you become more marketable. These includes everything from paralegal courses to secretarial classes, depending on the skills you are currently missing. Here are just a few classes to help you become a legal secretary:

What is needed to be a Legal Secretary? Legal Secretary CoursesImages courtesy of and author stockimage
  • Secretarial Courses (to prepare for Legal training)

  • Certification in Administration (to prepare for legal training)
  • Legal Secretary Diploma
  • Legal PA Diploma

For most administrative office position, you would need nothing more than a secondary education degree. Searching for a job in the legal secretary careers field, on the surface, has similar minimal requirements. Nevertheless, due to the specific nature of the job, having credentials is a must to be marketable. Thus, to make your CV stand out and to have the needed experience to become a legal secretary professional, you should definitely consider taking certain classes or courses in the field.

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