Life in the day of a junior Legal secretary

Broaden your skill set and further your career as a Legal Secretary
May 16, 2013
What to look for in a Legal Secretary Course?
June 21, 2013
I work in Chancery Lane, in the City of London, EC4 for a large International Law Firm.
My day starts at 08:30 as I have agreed to staff the reception area for the first half hour of the morning.
Life in the day of a junior Legal secretary Legal Secretary Courses
During the day I can be asked to provide general office absence cover support. Some of my general duties may include:


  •       Photocopying and scanning general activities


  •       Keeping an attendance register for all staff and contractors


  •       Overviewing all security passes and checking validity


  •       Overseeing reception handbook and ensuring there are no bottlenecks


  •       Supervising the meeting rooms and reception area including the firm’s meeting room database


  •       Arranging conference calls and video conference meetings, liaising with the techies as needed


  •       Liaising with fee earners for ad hoc swearing of documents etc.


  •       Ordering a full range of catering supplies and keeping a weekly stock record


  •       Managing courier arrangements for the office and ensuring no delays


  •       Maintenance of the client area including all machines and meeting rooms including ordering


Legal Duties

  •    Printing of  legal documents/templates and letters on behalf of fee earners including arrangement of enclosures


  •       File management stand in for the legal team including opening/closing files, filing of paper and electronic filing


  •       Co-ordination of time record processes for specific partners and fee earners


  •       Provide general audio and copy typing duties as assigned.


  •      Co-ordinate trial bundle processes in liaison with the legal team to ensure these are prepared in  a timely and efficient manner


  •      Arrange all train travel on behalf of the group offices including providing related information
  •      I need  to be familiar and compliant with the full range of regulatory policies and procedures including: equal opportunity and diversity, data protection and confidentiality/security,
    anti-bribery and anti-money laundering, undertaking mandatory
    compliance training as required

What is it like to be a Legal secretary?

As can be seen I have a lot on my plate when the day comes. Although this is a junior position I am already getting a taste of the more responsible activities of the legal support team with a view to eventual
promotion into a more responsible and therefore more lucrative role.

The day can be very hectic when several partners all look for urgent scanning or photocopying or if there are numerous requests for couriers including some bikes, some cars and even vans for heavy trial bundles.

I barely get enough time to get a full lunch hour which I schedule between 12:30 and 13:30 with a view to being out of the office by 17:30. I only work four days a week so at least I get a break on that basis.I found my job after taking a Legal Secretary Course at a centre that specialised in Secretarial Courses.

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