Why is at AAT qualification so important for Finance professionals?

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March 18, 2018
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Why is at AAT qualification so important for Finance professionals?

AAT Classroom Courses in London

Working as an accountant isn’t just about crunching numbers. A huge part of what makes the profession so integral is the fact that it requires a deeper understanding of the underlying financial system of a particular country. To work as an accountant in the UK, you will need to attend one of the few selected AAT classroom courses in London and other cities. They will give you the required knowledge and certification to practice the profession. But why is AAT so important for financial professionals? Let’s discuss.

What is AAT Qualification?

The Association of Accounting Technicians, or AAT for short, is the representative body of accountant and financial specialist in the United Kingdom. Boasting a high standard to join, and with 140,000 members, the AAT also serves as the qualification body for accounting experts in the country. To have an AAT Qualification signifies that you are a respected member of the accounting body and that you will be able to practice the profession within the country. Usually, when hiring new accountants and financial professionals, business owners in the UK require proper AAT certification. The same is not true for accountant assistants, but they might still have a more competitive chance in the selection process, if they have already passed one of the few selected AAT classroom courses in London or the area.

What you need to get AAT Qualification?

AAT qualification is separated in multiple levels to differentiate the knowledge and expertise of the accounting professionals. AAT Level 2 is considered to be the starting point for any accountant, while AAT Level 3 is the best for those seeking a better position with higher remuneration. Level 4 is the highest level of AAT qualification that can be achieved and is usually compared to a professional diploma level of accounting proficiency.

Why is at AAT qualification so important for Finance professionals? Legal Secretary Courses

The difference between Classroom and Online AAT Courses

To get an AAT Qualification you don’t need to have prior accounting education. Instead, the qualification is given through an AAT compliant and approved courses. There are options for one to get AAT certification levels online, but usually classroom courses are thought to be the better option. When attending one of the many AAT classroom courses in London or the area you will be able to meet like-minded individuals and create a professional social circle with fellow accounting classmates.

What’s more, classroom courses will provide you with hands-on experience that you are not going to be able to get anywhere else. Some courses even work with bigger accounting firms and other businesses to provide real job opportunities and connections once the course is completed.

AAT Qualification Can Help Other Financial Professionals

AAT Qualification, while primarily for accountants can help boost the resume of any financial professional. By having such certification, an expert signifies their knowledge and understanding of both the accounting process and the UK compliance and taxation laws. And if you are interested in the AAT classroom courses in London we have to offer, make sure to check right here.

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