Legal offices have a mixture of careers from the highest qualified solicitors and other professionals through to the building staff. There are certainly a lot more jobs than just lawyers. However, if you are interested in working in a legal office, here are some of the job opportunities. The range of qualifications and experience varies greatly.
Paralegals are legally qualified professionals that work in law offices, using their education to assist the lawyers in their jobs. However, paralegals do often work as direct employees of a law firms. Also, they can also be temp workers in a firm. Industry and other organisations with legal departments may also use paralegals. Paralegals will get to see a lot of the key legal aspects.
Background and skills vary between different firms, but many have completed a paralegal qualification. CILEx qualifications are popular routes for someone to enter this job type. Many have even had law degree but not been able to make the move to become a lawyer. However, it does not mean that you can do the job because you have a law degree or that you must have a degree.


Legal Assistant
This is a term that is used to describe a paralegal and is quite popular. The description and background is hence the same as a paralegal.
The above jobs give you an example of a particular type of career that you can enjoy in the legal industry without taking the time to qualify as a lawyer. Nevertheless, the career can be very interesting and
Anyone who is looking to enter the legal industry should naturally choose their preferred role and aim for that, but they need to be aware of the type of law that they would prefer to pursue.
There are jobs in criminal, civil, private client, probate, commercial, corporate to name a few. Each area of law will have a certain level of pay, job opportunities and work environment. This can vary a lot between the different areas of law. If you are keen to work in the City and earn a lot of money, you will probably want to go for the best paying areas in the City.
If you are interested in commencing the CILEx qualification in order to pursue a career in law, you can do so intensely or part-time. The course often expects you to be working and gaining experience.Find out more about the CILEx qualification at